We will, as our pupils are growing and learning with us, care for, support and safeguard them whilst striving to encourage them to be responsible citizens and do the same for each other and their wider community.


We will strive to ignite our pupils’ desire and enthusiasm to learn without limits.


We will aim to encourage our pupils and school community to develop academically and socially which will develop their desire to explore the wider world, skilled and equipped to find out even more.


We will foster belief through believing in yourself, taking on challenges and digging deep within yourself to conquer fears.





Why Give Homework?

Extensive research has been conducted into the value and relevance of homework. At Parkroyal we believe that homework is important as it reinforces and extends the teaching and learning that occurs during the school day.  Homework encourages parental involvement in children’s learning and helps to develop independence.


Our Vision

• To ensure there is consistency across the school


• To develop pupils’ confidence, organisation and the self-discipline required to study independently and away from school


• It will extend skills learned in school, particularly in literacy and numeracy


• To continue to extend our partnership with parents, inviting them to be actively involved in children’s learning


• To prepare older children for the differing challenges and expectations of secondary education


• To inform parents about work going on in class


• To further stimulate enthusiasm for learning


“The broader evidence base suggests that short focused tasks or activities which relate directly to what is being taught, and which are built upon in school, are likely to be more effective than regular daily homework.” The Sutton Trust and Education Endowment Foundation (EEF)


Parents can expect:


  • Sufficient time for their child to complete each homework task.

  • The handout and due days will be published on the website.

  • Staff to acknowledge and celebrate the work, marking using the school’s policy where appropriate.

  • To have homework organised in a specific book for consistency.




  • Most children have access to the internet, and there are many excellent learning sites. They use many of these at school, and there will be links to these on our new website.

  • If you need support in accessing the internet to complete homework tasks, please see your child’s teacher who will be happy to help.





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