We will, as our pupils are growing and learning with us, care for, support and safeguard them whilst striving to encourage them to be responsible citizens and do the same for each other and their wider community.


We will strive to ignite our pupils’ desire and enthusiasm to learn without limits.


We will aim to encourage our pupils and school community to develop academically and socially which will develop their desire to explore the wider world, skilled and equipped to find out even more.


We will foster belief through believing in yourself, taking on challenges and digging deep within yourself to conquer fears.

Supporting your child's wellbeing

At Parkroyal Community School our personal, social and emotional well being of everyone is really important. We are passionate about providing our children with the experiences and support to learn how to be reflective, resilient and resourceful young people. 


Being resilient means that our children understand how to cope and where to get support and help when they need it due to an emotional knock in life - whatever that may be. This includes being able to talk openly and discuss things that worry them and knowing that there are staff or other people who can support them with their worries. 


To help support you, the following list of resources is a place to seek some advice. It is not compulsary or part of school policy. Some of this may be really helpful to you where as some of the reources may not. Many of the resources have been shared with us from the external agencies who we work with and resources that they have also directed us to. 


There are resources below that are directly about dealing with the school closure and the Covid-19 pandemic. Some resources below are relevant during any situation which may arise in a child's life where they need some guidance and help.


Parenting Smart is a free online resource featuring practical advice and tried-and-tested tips for parents and carers of primary age children. Parenting Smart is based on evidence and experience of working with children and families. It has been designed with busy parents in mind, with short videos and articles. Topics covered range from meltdowns to friendship difficulties, from anxiety to the transition to secondary school. All the advice provided has the backing of Place2Be’s clinical experts.



   Resources to help mental health & well-being


   7 Top tips for supporting reading at home
    7 Top tips to support KS2 children reading at home 


   Supporting home learning routines - planning the day during Covid-19 pandemic

   Supporting your child if they are anxious





    Supporting children with bereavement



    Support for behaviour and mental health concerns


       Keeping yourself safe booklet


       Coronvirus social story


       Hints and tips for parents and carers of pupils returning to school



          Stories for children about fears

      Healthier Together Programme

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