We will, as our pupils are growing and learning with us, care for, support and safeguard them whilst striving to encourage them to be responsible citizens and do the same for each other and their wider community.


We will strive to ignite our pupils’ desire and enthusiasm to learn without limits.


We will aim to encourage our pupils and school community to develop academically and socially which will develop their desire to explore the wider world, skilled and equipped to find out even more.

Pupil Leadership

Head boys and girls


Parkroyal Community School award key pupil leadership roles. All year 6 pupils who are interested in having a role are asked to write a letter of application. This is followed by an interview with the headteacher and the deputy head teacher. All of the letters of application are read and the pupils interviewed must demonstrate confidence and enthusiasm.


The pupils' roles will include being responsible for representing the school at events, making public speeches, sharing their peers views with the Senior Leadership Team. It is important they they demonstrate themselves as a good role model for pupils throughout the school.


Hello! My name is Lily and I am one of the three Head Girls at Parkroyal.

I am very excited to see what unfolds during my time in year six and as Head Girl. I chose to apply for the job as Head Girl so I could help the teachers improve the school for the students so that they can have the best experience at primary school. I also applied so that I would have some useful skills in later life (you never know, I might need to save Mrs Beaumont from a dragon!).

At school I love doing Maths and Topic. Topic has been in school for a very long time but now we have changed it to a more enjoyable subject, by letting our creative flair run wild! Outside of school I enjoy a range of different activities like baking, crafting, sewing, crocheting and annoying my sister! I take part in netball and orchestra - I play the guitar - and am very fond of them both!


I hope that you have a good 2019. And let's pray that no dragon comes to Parkroyal!



Hi! I am Rosalynn. 


I am so happy I was given the role of Head Girl.

I applied so that I can make a positive impact on the school. I intend to get the children more involved with school decisions as the most important part of a school is its pupils.


I like to be challenged physically and mentally. I love taking part in lots of different sports. I love English and getting feedback on my maths work. But most of all I love doing experiments in science and being creative in art!



Hi! I am Caitlin.


I am thrilled to be a Head Girl as it gives me a fantastic opportunity to work with other children and teachers to make the school a better place. 


I am friendly and kind, I love a challenge and I also enjoy working in a team.


In school my favourite subjects are maths and writing. I also like being in the school orchestra and playing sports such as netball.



Hello, my name is Luke, I am Head Boy for Parkroyal Community School this year.

I love the role and I am overjoyed to share my ideas with the school and to help other pupils to enjoy their time here.

The reason I applied for the role is because I had so many ideas for the school. I am also part of the Enrichment and Banking Team where we come up with ideas to raise money for the school. By being Head Boy I can also help to share ideas on what we do with the money that the team raise.

I love being head boy. I think that in school you are not just there to learn, but to also enjoy.


A quote I live my life by:

Work for cause, Not for applause, Live to express, Not to impress.



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