We will, as our pupils are growing and learning with us, care for, support and safeguard them whilst striving to encourage them to be responsible citizens and do the same for each other and their wider community.


We will strive to ignite our pupils’ desire and enthusiasm to learn without limits.


We will aim to encourage our pupils and school community to develop academically and socially which will develop their desire to explore the wider world, skilled and equipped to find out even more.


We will foster belief through believing in yourself, taking on challenges and digging deep within yourself to conquer fears.

Year 6



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Oak Academy The Oak National Academy have a range of tasks to supplement your work in English and Maths

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The Stars by Ben V

11th June 2020

Ben has been working hard on his own poem called 'The Stars'. He has based his poem on The Door by Miroslav Holub which is about opening doors to new opportunities and positive thinking. Ben's poem is about reaching for the stars as he and the rest of Year 6 begin to make the transition to high school. 


Thanks for sharing this with us Ben: we've loved reading it! 


The results are in .....


The winners of the first ever boys vs. girls Y6 TT Rock Star Battle are THE BOYS !!!!





A special shout out to the highest scoring boy and girl rock star: Elijas and Maisie (6BU). 


Watch this space for future battles of the TT rock stars! 

'Chapeau!' - a French story read to you by Madame Murphy

Still image for this video
Listen to Madame Murphy reading the story 'Chapeau!'. ..... Do you recognise any of the French words?

Let the TT Rock Stars Battle begin .....


To take part in the FIRST ever Y6 GIRLS v BOYS TT Rock Star Battle, log in to your account as often as you can throughout the week and compete. 


The battle will take place between:

Monday 18th May 3pm and Monday 25th May 3pm. 


We will post the results after the battle has finished.


Good luck!!!! 


If you are unsure of your login or experience any difficulties logging in, please contact us at 

Self-portrait challenge .... with a difference


This week we have set you the challenge of drawing a self-portrait 


BUT ...... 


You can only do it with the hand you don't normally use to write with! 


We would love to see your finished portraits and share them on the website so please email them to us at 




Can you tell which member of Y6 this is? ..... It's so tricky to draw glasses!!

Feel free to share any drawing tips too! 

Monday 27th April 2020 


Hello Year 6.

It has been a little while since I have set myself a personal challenge, thank you to everyone who has attempted the previous ones (and put me to shame). 

Annoyingly I have broken my toe, in an incident that had absolutely nothing to do with sport or activity angry

The toe is healing (although still really bruised) so I am back to setting myself a sporting challenge. 

This one will have to span over a couple of weeks, as I will be unable to do it everyday.


How quick can I run 5KM?

I want to see how quick I can run 5KM. This will be a challenge, after recovering from injury, but I am up for the challenge.

First recorded run- 7th April: 5.2KM in a time of 23:24 (23 minutes and 24 seconds)

Next recorded run- 2nd May: I didn't quite manage 5KM. My toe was too sore so I had to stop at 3.4k. Frustrating, but I will rest and go again on next scheduled run.

Third recorded run- 10th May: My daughter came with me so we ran 3.5KM this morning in a time of 19mins and 8secs which isn't bad at all. 

Fourth recorded run- 13th May: I ran 5KM. Today I completed the distance in 22mins and 4secs. I am happy with that and will keep trying to bring this time down. My aim is to get as close to 20 minutes as possible. 


For any running is over to you. How quick can you run 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5KM?

Week beginning 6th April 2020

Core crusher challenge:

Cristiano Ronaldo has invited fans to attempt the core crusher challenge. He completed 142 reps in just 45 secs. New Manchester United signing Bruno Fernandes tried and got 117. So.... Mr Utteridge thought he would accept Ronaldo's challenge and give it a go. See how he got on below:

Tuesday 7th April: 57 reps in 45 secs (not quite as good as Ronaldo)

Wednesday 8th April: 74 reps in 45 secs 

Thursday 9th April: 81 reps in 45 secs

Friday 10th April: REST day


Week beginning 30th March 2020

Step up challenge:

I have started the step up challenge, using the bottom stair in my hallway. 

Rules: left foot up, right foot up, left foot down, right foot up- this counts as one full rep.

How many can you do in 60 seconds?

Monday 30th March: I completed 58 full step ups in 60 seconds

Tuesday 31st March: I completed 63 full step ups in 60 seconds (+5)

Wednesday 1st April: I completed 69 full step ups in 60 seconds (+6)

I want to add: this sounds easy, but it is rather exhausting!! 

Thursday 2nd April: I completed 62 full step ups in 60 seconds (crying)

Friday 3rd April: I completed 69 full step ups in 60 seconds. 

Week beginning 23rd March 2020

Mr Utteridge personal challenge Day 1


Day 2 of Mr Utteridge's personal challenge: I would have to say there has been little improvement indecision but I won't give up. Roll on day 3.


Day 3 of Mr Utteridge's personal challenge: Today there have been signs of improvement yes. I have adapted my technique and (through many attempts) the hoop is spinning for longer. 


Day 4 of Mr Utteridge's personal challenge: I tried hard to improve today and then I received the video (below) from Mrs Smith surprise. However, it had me it me or is it the hoop? 


Day 5 of Mr Utteridge's personal challenge: the challenge continues and a little bit of progress has been made. Shakira once said that your hips don't lie...I am beginning to agree with her. 


Day 6 and 7 of Mr Utteridge's personal challenge: The hoop is spinning....but only for a short time. I am sourcing a weighted hoop and will see...once and for all...if it is me or if it is the be continued.

Mr Utteridge .... watch and learn!

Still image for this video


Here is a link to some online safety resources for you to use whilst at home. There are simple 15 minute activities for different ages, which will be refreshed every fortnight. 


There are lots of fun and interesting things you can do on the internet. And it can be a great way to stay in touch with friends. But it’s important to understand how to stay safe online.

Sometimes people will try to trick you into clicking dangerous links or sharing things about yourself. Or something you’ve shared might be used to bully or frighten you.

For more information and advice on how to keep yourself safe online visit the Childline website;

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