We will, as our pupils are growing and learning with us, care for, support and safeguard them whilst striving to encourage them to be responsible citizens and do the same for each other and their wider community.


We will strive to ignite our pupils’ desire and enthusiasm to learn without limits.


We will aim to encourage our pupils and school community to develop academically and socially which will develop their desire to explore the wider world, skilled and equipped to find out even more.


We will foster belief through believing in yourself, taking on challenges and digging deep within yourself to conquer fears.

Music specialist teacher

At Parkroyal we value the creative side of education and therefore Music is an intrinsic part of the school.


The music curriculum is taught by a designated music specialist, Mr Sinden, from year 1 - 6. We cover composition to foster their creativity, performance through learning instruments such as Samba drums, Ukulele and Brass and we learn about musical context by critically listening to music from many different styles and cultures.


Music is at the heart of the school and this is shown in it’s many extra curricular activities. We have two weekly choirs for years 2-3 and 4-6, a guitar group for all, a beginner band for those just starting out with their instrument, ukulele club and a highly regarded orchestra.


These groups enrich the school in regular public performances, including singing and bag packing at Sainsburys, performing to a local dementia care home, annual Christmas concerts at St Michael’s and All Angels Church and the hugely popular Summer concert. We regularly have over 70 pupils taking part in concerts and we have seen significant growth in self confidence and self esteem from these opportunities.


In recognition of our commitment to music, The Love Music Trust, with whom we work in partnership, have nominated Parkroyal for a Music Mark; Love Music Trust are a member of Music mark, a national body for music education organisations and music education hubs. They have been nominated us for the value we place on music in school. 



Class teachers collaborate with our music specialist to create and perform three annual Christmas concerts and, during our annual Music week, create a performance and theme based piece of learning.

Gawain and the Green Knight


Year 4 worked with Nick Lewis from Lit 45, a professional musician and composer, inspiring them to create soundscapes, compositions and songs. These were recorded and will be shown as part of a professional theatrical production which will take place in West Park, Macclesfield on Friday 22nd November. The music will help tell the story of Gawain and the Green Knight and will be part of a wider production including live storytelling, projections, light and artwork. 


Here are some of the pieces created during the workshops for you to enjoy.

01 Autumn-Red Dragons.mp3

02 Feast Sounds.mp3

03 Creepy Whispers.mp3

04 Forest #1.mp3

05 Forest #2.mp3

06 What Is Out There.mp3

07 Creepy Chapel.mp3

08 Forest #3.mp3

09 The Misty Distance.mp3

Boss Fight.mp3

Music week assembly highlights June 2019

Still image for this video
Ukulele group.


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Year 4 entertain us


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Reception and Y6 musical collaboration

Our Phase Three choir gave a beautiful rendition of Can't Help Falling In Love With You.

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